Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tada falls - Trekking

Tada falls
Tada falls

In Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh Border, the beautiful waterfalls which you like to see is Tada falls. The other names for this falls is Ubbalamadugu Falls and Kambakam Falls. It is situated 85 kms from Chennai. The best period to visit Tada falls is October to January. If you visit during March to June it will give you a very bad experience.

You have to travel 5 kms. in forest area. This is Kaambakam Forest. The temple here is Sidduliah Kona. During Maha Shivarathri many people visit here and stay here.

Tada is famous for trekking and picnics. If you go for trekking you can take some eatables and one water bottle in your back bag. You can get water in the stream running here. The water is so pure. Go for Trekking and enjoy your holiday.

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  1. Hey very nice post.Especially the second photo looks cool.I would like to go to this place very soon.My friends say have been to Tada falls and they tell this to be a very cool hangout.Have a nice day!!!