Wednesday, November 25, 2009

KRISHNAPURAM PALACE -Kayamkulam, Kerala Tourism

Gajendra Moksha paintings

Kayamkulam town is the mid point in the Trivandum-ernakulam bus route. Krishnapuram Palace near Kayamkulam built by King Mathanada Varma in 1729-58 is a place of great attraction to historians, art lovers and tourists. Here is one of the biggest wall paintings on the mythological story - Gajendra Moksha. The palace is preserved as a monument by the Archaeological Department of the Government of India. Day by day the number of tourists visiting this place is increasing. The Syrian Christian Church which was founded in AD 829 is also another attraction.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Badami Cave Temple, Karnataka Tourism

Badami Cave Temple, Karnataka Tourism

Badami, a capital of Chalukyan empire from 5th to 7th century A.D. is famous for cave temples. It is located at the mouth of a ravine between two rocky hills. Badami is a town oflake and sandstones and is famous for its 6th century A.D. Hindu and Jain cave temples. They over look Bhuthanatha lake.

One is thrilled with the carvings on the rocks, it’s sculpture and architecture formed by the human hand and his mind. There is a awe inspiring sculpture of Shiva with 18 arms that embodies 81 dance poses. There are number of Pallavan style temples, the famous one are the four rocks cut with carved pillars, figures representing Brahmin and Jain school of temple architecture. Famous Bhuthanath temple is worth a visit, located at the western side of the lake, especially at sunset. On the rock-face, there are carved images of Vishnu, Shiva, Mahishasura Mardini, Varaha, Ganapati and Narasimha.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lotus Mahal or Zenana, Karnataka Tourism

Lotus Mahal or Zenana, Karnataka Tourism

The other name for Lotus Mahal is Zenana which is at Karnataka is a beautiful Tourist spot. Known as “Zenana” enclosure i.e. for ladies only the palace is a mixture of Hindu and Islamic styles of architecture. Apart from these temples, there are other ruins which speak of splendid past and splendor of this city for example elephant stables, a row of eleven chambers which once housed the magnificent beasts, ruined watch tower, Mahanavami Dibba the Lotus Mahal and Queen’s Bath.

Singarada Hebbagillu is known as beautiful door as per inscriptions discovered near it, was the main entrance to the city.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Virupaksha temple, Pattadakal - Karnataka Tourism

Virupaksha temple, Pattadakal - Karnataka Tourism

Pattadakal is a small nice village, situated at the banks of the Malaprabha river, which is a tributary to the great river Krishna. This is on the world heritage map of UNESCO. It has a world of its own, a fantasy, dreamland word of mute stones, telling sotry. Its architecture. There are as many as ten temples worth admiring. Lokeswari or Virupaksha temple, delicately chiseled, rich in details is the glorious example of early Chalukyan art. It has running structure covering area of 76 meters by 36 meters. It narrates in stone the great episode from the immortal Hindu epics of Ramayana and Mahabaratha. Here on the earth stones speak and tell the story of past glory.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Bahamani Tomb at Ashtur, Karnataka Tourism

Bahamani Tomb at Ashtur
Bahamani Tomb at Ashtur is one of the best monuments to see. The interior of tomb is well decorated in gold and various colors. It’s brilliant example of medieval Muslim art. To appreciate one should visit the tomb in the early hours of the day.

Other worth visiting monuments are Tomb of Ahmed-al-Wali Bahamani, Tomb of Sultan Humayun Tomb of of Mali-al-Wali Bahamnai, Tomb of Sultan Humayun, Tomb of Mali-e-Jahan.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Aranmula Temple, Kerala Tourism

Aranmula Temple

In Kerala, about 10 kms. from Chengannur, on the bank of the river Pampa, is Aranmula, a holy place with a temple dedicated to Parthasarathi. Parthasarathi means the Charioteer of Parthan or Arjuna. Lord Krishna is the Charioteer, thus the Supreme Guiding Spirit in every man is symbolized by the beautiful idol of Sri Krishna.

A very colorful snake boat race is held here every year as an age-old religious festival. Aranmula is also famous for a special mirror made of bell metal, one of the rare curious coveted by all tourists. Its making has been a traditional secret of a certain family in Aranmula. This is one of the important tourist place in Kerala.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Ochira pilgirm center, Quilon Tourism

Ochira Pilgrim Center
Ochira: This is a unique pilgrim center, 32 kms. north of Quilon. The place has something deep to impress about the Advaita Philosophy. There is no temple or idol for the presiding deity, but only an open ground with some old banyan trees. The presiding deity is the Parabrahma, the Absolute Reality, the great source of all forms and henomena, which cannot be symbolized by an idol or housed in a temple. Hence the absence of a temple.

The Ochira Kali is an interesting festival in June. It is a mock fight staged by two groups to commemorate the battles fought between the Rajas and Kayamkulam and Chempakasseri. Many people visit this place during the festival time.

Gold goes peaking heights

It is always considered gold as very precious metal by way of investment. People always brave enough to buy form of gold chains, necklace, and ornaments immaterial of price hike. Gold is the most trusted input for all economic classes aiming to social status.

The reasons behind gold price rise are due to appreciation of properties, oil prices, slashing of US Dollars etc. Gold coins are part of business trade in the early centuries of Egypt. At first these gold coins are circulated in business by way of weighing it then after wards it can be reshaped and brought into wire form. The very first gold coin introduced in Western Turkey in the sixth century B.C. On one side of the coin it has got a marking of a Lion or Bull and the reverse the seal marking of the value. Alexander the great who then the ruler of the Greek once conquered Persian Kingdom and thus conspired huge amount of gold coins.

America introduced first ever 24 carat gold bullion coin the American Buffalo. For getting durability this bullion is done with some percentage of copper and silver from getting damaged so quickly. On one side of this coins are having American native chief and a buffalo on the other side. To be a beneficial enrollment, people can invest on this beautiful gold bullion.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Astamudi lake, Kerala Tourism

Astamudi lake, Kerala

Neendakara is 10 kms. away from Quilon on the Quilon-Allepey road. The place has unique natural setting with the long Neendakara bridge spanning the Ashtamudi lake, with fishing boats and the vast lake and the sea separated by sand bed called Ashi, Neenadakara is a fishing center. The Indo-Norwegian Project initiated in 1953 modernized the fishing Industry. This is a beautiful place, everybody enjoyed the stay here. This is one of important place in Kerala.