Friday, November 6, 2009

Ochira pilgirm center, Quilon Tourism

Ochira Pilgrim Center
Ochira: This is a unique pilgrim center, 32 kms. north of Quilon. The place has something deep to impress about the Advaita Philosophy. There is no temple or idol for the presiding deity, but only an open ground with some old banyan trees. The presiding deity is the Parabrahma, the Absolute Reality, the great source of all forms and henomena, which cannot be symbolized by an idol or housed in a temple. Hence the absence of a temple.

The Ochira Kali is an interesting festival in June. It is a mock fight staged by two groups to commemorate the battles fought between the Rajas and Kayamkulam and Chempakasseri. Many people visit this place during the festival time.

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