Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sri Adhikesavaperumal temple, Sriperumbudur

The temple of Sri Adhikesavaperumal temple, Sriperumbudur, 60 km to the southwest of Chennai is one of the ancient temples in the South India. This place is famous as the avatara sthalam of Saint Ramanujar, the great philosopher of Vaishnavam. The temple's rajagopuram was newly painted and you can see from the highway and this temple is easily accessed from Chennai. The temple's golden vimanam with Sri Ramanuja's image etched on it was erected in the year 1912.

During Chithirai festival, the idol is bejewelled, dressed in glittering robes and carrying a sword, indicating Ramanuja's status as the "King of Saints". The idol is brought to the garden after the ride in the temple car in the morning. This is a beautiful temple, and construction is superb.

The nearest airport is Chennai and 65 km from Sriperumbudur
The nearest railway station is Kancheepuram - 29 kms
Sriperumbudur is well connected with other cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Tirupati and buses are available.

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  1. Sriperumbudur Ramanujar temple also a very good place to visit. The architecture in this temple is very nice