Monday, June 7, 2010

Qualitative lighting options

Larson Electronics has been manufacturing various lighting products since 1967 and its founder is Ernie Larson. They are experts in providing lighting equipments in the fields of electric and telephone industries. They cover many fields like towing, utilities, department of home land security, US Military. The most phenomenon aspects of is that they hold the prestige of the only supplier of magnetically mounted Go lights and Go light flood lights and also the highest supplier of Go light radio ray remote controlled spot lights. The Go light Stryker wireless remote control spot light is having a magnetic base and the remote controlled spot lights can access tilt up to 140 degrees and can go motorized circular rotation of 360 degree. The special thing about the Go light is that each remote controlled spot light whether hand held or dash mounted can reach up to 150 feet. Larson Electronics is providing flood lights through modification of the Go light striker wireless remote controlled spot lights and the radio ray radio controlled spot lights. These flood lights are proving enormous lighting facility even at small distance and this mode of light is very convenient for doing work especially at close range. Like wise remote controlled go light can reach and find out the things away at 800 feet.

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