Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tiruchendur Kumbabishekam

Tiruchendur-Murugan Temple

One of the six houses (i.e. Arupadi Veedu) of Lord Muruga is Tiruchendur. On 2nd July, the Maha Kumbabishekam is scheduled to take place. Tiruchendur is situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal. It is around 55km. from Tirunelveli. This Town is well connected by bus and train.

Lord Muruga and his army camped at Tiruchendur to defeat Surapadma (the demon)- This is called Surasamhara. The divine architect Mayan constructed the temple because Lord Murugan after Surasamhara wants to worship Lord Siva. These are we came to know from Sthalapuranam.

Tiruchendur is famount for Theerthams. Here there are 24 scared springs (Theerthams). People believe that to get rid of diseases they have to take bath in these Theerthams. Vadanarambam and Nazhikinaru are the famouns Theerthams. So If you have time, go and visit Tiruchendur temple within another 45 days and pray for World Peace.

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