Friday, August 7, 2009

Agra Tourism

HOTEL IN AGRA. There are many Hotels in Agra. From Budget hotels to Luxury Hotels. You can comfortably stay in these Hotels and enjoy your holidays.

Agra Hotel

Agra Tourism
Taj Mahal-Agra

Planning to Visit Tajmahal one of the seven wonders of the World. After visiting Taj Mahal you can visit many places in Agra. The important one is Agra Fort and the next one is Sikandra Fort.

In 1565 A.D. the greatest Mughal Emperor Akbar built the Agra Fort. This is one of the Fort which is a masterpiece of construction. The other names for this Fort is Lal Qila, Red Fort and Fort Rough. This is very near to Taj Mahal. The superb buildings the Moti Masjid, Diwane-E-Am, Musanman Burj and Diwani-E-Khass are within the Agra Fort. These are all the must see places in Agra.

India’s greatest Mughal Emperor Akbar built the Sikandra Fort. This project was continued by his Son Emperor Jehangir and completed as Sikandra Fort complex.
Sikandra Fort. The beautiful red stone tomb is square shape is the unique one. The marble work and pattern work in the tomb is a beautiful work done in those days. The garden here has fountains also a beautiful sight for the visitors.

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