Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nasik - Temples and Tourist Spot

Nasik - Temple

Nasik is situated 148 kms from Mumbai. Nasik is on the banks of River Godavari and it is one of the most sacred cities of India. Legend says that Lord Rama spent time here during his exile and Surpanaka, sister of Ravana, lost her nose here. There are many temples to see. The most important one is Kalaram Temple and it is dedicated to Lord Rama. The other temples here are Nar Shankar Temple, Panchavadi and Sita Gumpha and Sundar Narayan Temple. We can also visit Chambherleni Jain Caves (5 kms). Trimbakeshwar which is 36kms away is a very holy place and once in 12years Kumbha Mela is held here and more than 4 million people come to bathe in the Holy River. Pandava Leni are beautiful medieval Caves with exquisite sculptures. Wani has a temple of Goddess Chandika, atop a hill.

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