Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tourism in Thane, Maharastra Tourist Spot

Warli Painting
Warli Painting

In Thane District, we have Jawhar which was one of the few tribal kingdoms in Maharashtra. It is famous for the Warli paintings which are still painted by the tribals. The Palace of the tribal kings and Bhupatgad are worth a visit. The scenic beauty of Dadar Kopra Falls is refreshing. Dahanu Bordi is a 17 km. stretch of beach. There are Chiku orchards in this area. Udwada, near Dahanu is the most sacred place for the Zorastrians.

Here in a beautiful temple is kept the Sacred Fire. It has been kept alive for nearly a thousand years. Akloli is 83 kms from Mumbai and is a health resort with hot springs. Bhandardhara is a relaxing hill resort, overlooking Lake Arthur Hills and Wilson Dam the largest earthen dam in the country. Over looking the lake is Ratnagarh, one of the Shivaji fort is also a tourist spot.

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