Sunday, September 27, 2009

World's finest Railway Station - Victoria Terminus, Mumbai

World's finest Railway Station - Victoria Terminus, Mumbai
Victoria Terminus, Mumbai

Victoria Terminus: This Railway Station was opened on 7th March 1929 and is considered to be one of the finest Railway Stations of the World. The Italian-Gothe style building has a 450 meters long frontage. The administrative complex from all the three sides of the rectangle and has a ground and the floors surmounted by a high dome at the center; there is a 5.029 meters high figure of a lady in stone symbolizing progress adoring the dome.

The building gives the effect and look of a Cathedral with its high dome, smaller domes, lancet windows, with ornate stained glass, the interior is decorated with Italian marble. There is an ornamental garden in the administrative portion with the entrance gates guarded by a huge stone lion and stone tiger.

There are many number of memorials in the Church St.Thomas Cathedral and it is the first English Church in Mumbai and some of whom are of great historical importance.

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