Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rangin Mahal, Karnataka Tourism

Karnataka Tourism
Rangin Mahal, Karnataka

Karnataka is famous for art and architecture and the designs, decorations and tile work etc. are unique and fascinating at Bidar. Sharaza Darwaza is the second gateway to the Fort and there is a excellent tile work on the outer walls. Gumbad Darwaza is the door way and it is famous for its architecture.

Rangin Mahal: To the left to the Gumbad Darwaza steps lead upto the Color Palace, Mohammad Shah took refuge in the Shah Burz adjoining the Gumbad. The King felt that it was auspicious to live there so the rooms were built into the Rangin Mahal. Mother of peal has been used lavishly for making floral designs with granite carvings.

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