Monday, February 15, 2010

Attractive mail boxes

The Whitehall wall mounting mail boxes are made from collection of rubbish but useful die cast free from aluminum. The cast aluminum can give more life and free from damage and also easy to lift by its light weight. The molten metal form of aluminum is poured in to a mold form. The processing procedure where aluminum undergoes great pressure transforms in to extremely thick material that protects the product from wear and tear in use. The above Mailboxes are manufactured with a high resistance powder coat finish for withstanding against external load and scratches. The powder coating also prevents the product from fading of color and provides wear resistance. The products are available at three finishes bronze, white and black and offered at limited life time warranty.

According to the usage of customer the Whitehall mail boxes’ design can be modified like adding individual address plaque. Especially the plaque is very useful for family and friends and essential emergency groups to locate the home. In this site they are providing enormous service to its customers by manufacturing wide rage of Residential Mailboxes. To buyer satisfaction they are also listing products at low cost, at easily approachable service and the product details. Post mount full service locking letter boxes manufactured by D Vault Curbside. The latest locking mail boxes are designed to stand like a column. Through the front slot the mails can be placed. There is also a provision for additional outgoing mail compartment storage if required. The cost price is $530 with a discount of $ 95 is assured.

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