Saturday, December 18, 2010

Virginia Tourism

The heart of Virginia Beach, 6 mi of crowded public beach and a raucous 40 block boardwalk has been a popular summer gathering place for many years. One advantage of the commercialism is easy access to sailing, surfing and scuba rentals. Be mindful, however, that the beach gets extremely crowded mid-summer. Almost 2 mi inland, at the southern end of Virginia Beach, is one of the State’s most visited museums, the Virginia Marine Science Museum, where you can bird watch in a salt marshland use computers to predict the weather.

Virginia Beach with lights

On the Eastern Shore U.S. 13 takes you past historic 17th to 19th century towns such as East Ville, which has a courthouse from 1730. Onancock has a working general store established in1842 and a wharf where you just might be able to witness a sunset over the bay.

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