Wednesday, May 20, 2009



Chennai’s most attractive amusement park is MGM Dizzee World. It is located in the ECR Road near Mutukadu. Every year millions of visitors come here and enjoy their time. In this park children have less adventurous rides and adults have more adventurous rides. Toddlers are also have fun their with rubberized swings and slides. The fun rides include Tornado Coaster, The Nilgiri Express and the Revolution and other rides such as Karnakasi ranger, Dashing Boat, Arrow Loop Roller Coaster and a Dizzee Shake attracts not only children but also adults as well. MGM amusement Park adheres to international safety standards.

An area specially meant for children “Mary Land” is within the Dizzee World. In this area children can interact with their favorites cartoon characters.

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