Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ellora - Tourist Spot in Maharashtra

Ellora Cave

One of the historic caves of India is "Ellora" which attract large number of tourists every year. 30 kms. from Aurangabad are the Ellora group of 34 caves on a sickle shaped hill. Built between 4th and ;9th centuries, there are 12 Buddhist caves (1-12), 17 Hindu Caves (13-29) and 5 Jain Caves (30-34). The oldest are the Buddhist Caves and are towards the South with the Hindu Caves in the middle and the Jain Caves towards the North.

Cave I is a "Vihara" the oldest one. Cave II is a "Chaitya" which is about 48 feet square exclusive of the galleries on each side. The roof is supported by 12 columns, arranged in a square. The pillars have square bases, with the front row of pillars having dwarf figures on the upper corners of the square portion of the Pillars. There are 13 feet by 14 feet high dwarpals in front ofthe shrine which has huge Buddha seated on a high throne in a teaching pose. There are many carved male and female figures. This is must see place in your life time.

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