Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nagpur Tourism - Orange City

Nagpur Tourism

Nagpur is the town which is 855 km fromMumbai has a long history being the premier town of Vidarbha area of Maharashtra. It was the Capital of Bonsle Rulers and former Central Provinces under the British. Sitabulidi Fort, Nagarkhana, Amba Zari Lake, Telin Kahdi Garden and Tajabad Sharif are the place of interest. Adasa, 27 km away, has a famous group of Temples. The Great Sanskrit Poet Kalidasa composed his immortal classic "Maghdoolain" here.

In Nagpur Balaji Mandir is a famous tourist spot. Here you can worship God Balaji. Being the Maharastra’s second capital, Nagpur is famous for Oranges and is known as Orange Capital. River Nag is flowing through this city, so the city got this name. The best time to visit Nagpur is from November to January.

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