Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ezhimala Tourist attraction in Kerala

Ezhil Malai-Kerala Tourism

Ezhimala or Mount Eli: Ezhimala is about 25 kms. north of Cannanore town is a strange landscape in Kerala. It is as high mountainous area just on the brink of the sea. It was popular landmark of ancient foreign sailors. Plans are afoot to develop this unique place into a major a tourist center.

During Sang period Ezhimala was H.Q. of Ezhimala Radi. In old literatures, Ezhimala is referred as Ezhil Malai i.e. beautiful hill. Later the name changed as Ezhimala. Ezhimala’s beautiful beach is the major tourist attraction. The ancient mosque, stone pillars and the rare medicinal herbs are seen near the Hills. You can see the beautiful scene of jumping Dolphins in the Ezhimala beaches is another tourist attraction.

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