Monday, October 26, 2009

Gol Gumbuz in Bijapur, Tourist attraction

Gol Gumbuz in Bijapur

In Karnataka, Bijapur is well know for Chalukyan temples. It was also the capital city of Adil Shahis. Gol Gumbuz is a fine example of Islamic architecture. It dominates the entire Bijapur and is one of the largest structure of its kind in the World. It covers roughly 1,672.2 meters. It is a huge cube, with a vast hemispherical doom.

There are octagonal towers of all the four corners. It is roughly 60 meters in height and 43 meters in diameter. There is a whispering gallery, which echoes a whisper twelve times over. This is fine example of engineering, architecture and acoustic. This is one of tourist attraction places in Karnataka.

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