Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Parks in Japan

Japan Tourism
During the months April and May, cherry trees and plum trees blossom in Hokkaido. In the park more than 10,000 cherry trees of 200 varieties are bloom during this season. The double flowered (yae-zakura) cherry trees gives you pleasant look during this time. The special cherry trees found in the park are famous for antiquity. The famous Japanese castle Matsumaejo built during the period 1603-1867 is found in the park.

During the months April to May Hirosaki koen park is one of the best park in Tohoku area for viewing cherry trees. The park has 2600 cherry trees of many varieties and it is 50 hectares area wide. The tree Somei-yoshino is 120 year old and it is the oldest tree in Japan is in the park and it is said that the tree is planted in the beginning of Meiji Era. This park is situated very near to Bus stop.

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