Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wool Coats in USA

Hi friends during winter season, when temperature begins to fall we need woolen coats to keep us warm. There are many varieties of wool coats available in all sizes, styles and colors. These woolen coats are fashionable clothing and its gives a stylish and glamorous appearance to people. The varieties of wool coats made in USA are Houndstooth Jacket, Toggle Coat, Hunting Jacket, Benoit Jacket, Suit Coat and Pea Coat. Houndstooth Jacket is a superb mixture of virgin wool and lambs wool made from Pendleton woolen mills and it gives you stylish look and also warmth during winter.

Hunters use 100 % wool Hunting Jacket manufactured by Johnson Woolen Mills which protects them in cold weather and large pockets provided in the jacket helps them to carry the things which are essential for hunting. The Navy Pea Coat which is made from recycled wool is manufactured by Fidelity suitable for men and women. The Suit Coat collections are double breasted, 4 button, 2 button, slim fitting, etc. and they gives you a stylish look. All the wool coats manufactured by USA factories are available at affordable prices.

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