Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Great Plains, Kansas, Missouri, USA Tourist spots.

The Great Plains,US Tourist Spots
The Great Plains,US Tourist Spots
The name Great Plains evokes an image of flat farmland stretching to the horizon, unbroken saves for the occasional cluster of buildings marking a town or farmstead. Those who go there, however, know this limitless terrain destroys as many preconceived images as it confirms. The seemingly uniform landscape actually encompasses geography as diverse as the towering buttes that loom over the horizons of northwestern South Dakota and the fertile river valleys that crisscross the eastern boundaries of Missouri and Kansas. Countless historical theme parks and Old West towns dot the region, along with abundant archaeological and Civil War battle sites, and museums of Native American and Pioneer lore. To know it you must drive its hundreds of miles of roads bisecting fields of grain or leave the highway for one of its mall towns, just to walk the Main Street and see the serene old house. Here, somewhere between myth and reality, the true spirit of this region is revealed.

Tourist season for the most of the Great Plains is summer, despite the soaring temperatures and high humidity. Many attractions are open during June, July and August. Northern States, such as the Dakotas and Nebraska, are generally cooler, but you should be prepared for anything in this variable region. Spring and fall can be excellent times to visit, with moderate temperature and crowds at a minimum. Fall in the Ozarks or in the eastern border of lowa has the added attraction of colorful foliage.

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